Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Decisions in our life...

There are basically two organs gifted by God that help us to take decisions in life, one is our ‘brain’ and another one is our ‘heart’. Decisions made by our brain are more calculated, practical and reliable as they are based on facts, logics, evidences and realities. Whereas on the other hand our heart goes with feelings like love, sympathy, care, etc.

This is a fact that our happiness is more linked with our heart and our success is mostly linked with our brain decisions but decisions made collectively with both brain and heart are the best decisions that bring us happiness & success both. I have seen several successful people around who go with their brain and always been calculative in taking decisions whether it’s related to their business/work life or related to their relationships but this is also true that most of them are not satisfied and happy. Brain is not an appropriate decision maker in all cases or matters of life sometimes we do need to listen to our heart as well especially while taking any decisions related to our relationships.


Ashish said...

excellent post. are you some counsellor?? coz ur posts are very close to life.

EXSENO said...

I think the heart only pumps the blood to the body and the brain does battle with itself, from all of it's compicated data base to make all of the decisions.

oomi said...

mindblowing post dear

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

It's true for business, too. I used to go by my brain and did well but was miserable. Then my brain "crashed" and my heart is all that I have - and have never been happier. :)

samrina said...

Ashish... Oh! no i m not that good & mature yet to be a counselor :) ... but yeah i do think a lot and try to see things deeply in life and this habit of mine brings me loads of questions and then answers. Here at I m blog i just write whatever comes to my mind and whatever I m passing through and this is also true that mostly I feel that still there is space left for improvement...

Anyhow dear your comment really boost my confidence and bring me energy to write further, thanks a lot :)

God bless you!!

Exseno... but always found my brain and heart in state of battle while taking any decision :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Oomi... thanks a lot dear :)

Andrew... Oh! sad to know about your brain dear.. lol well i can see you smiling :)

Stay cool n happy :)

Take care all.

Noushy Syah said...

Samrina dear,

I do believe dealing with relationship's wise I guess we have to listen to our heart!!..hehhehe..

Take care dear.

ddrips said...

Hi Samrina,

Most of our life we were taught to think with our "brain" only and believe it as a "truth" that brain is the only organ that thinking comes from .... but I'll say that "thinking" is not a sectmented experience that only initiates from and ends with the brain.

We are often led to believe that the heart and the brain should be designated with different functions i.e. feeling for heart and thinking for brain ... but can't we see that this kind of separation is a function of the brain?

I personally do not believe the brain and the heart are & can be separated ... nevertheless i attach no importance to whether they are separate entities or not, as long as I do three things in work, in relationship and in life as a whole and these are:

1/ honesty with myself and other
2/to accept the unknown .. as you say " come what may"
3/ have faith in myself and others

...the rest are just details

Am I absoluetly sure of what I have written? and do I do all 3 as I have written above all the time... of course not

...the only thing I am sure is that I do not want to "figure" it out anymore.

thanks for the post

Janice Thomson said...

The brain is the ego part of us that likes to work things out in an arrogant manner but the heart is the core of our being and is never wrong no matter what the brain says. Good post Samrina.

samrina said...

Noushy... nice choice dear :)

Janice... agreed, glad you liked the post :)

Take care you both.

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

First of all thanks a lot dear for your such detailed comment and sharing your point of view in this regard.

Well you said you believe that brain and heart are not separate but dear my observation or experience is different in this regard, I have been through by my own self several times where I have seen my brain & heart against each other. These days even I am passing through the same situation, basing on facts and realities my brain is stopping me to take decision in favor whereas my heart is pushing me towards opposite side...

Anyhow may be we been through different experiences in life and we stated all this and believe on that basis...

By the way the priorities you've set for yourself are truly great and I do believe n follow them in life..

Hope you n your work is going well.Best wishes!!

Take care

Ghazala Khan said...

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Noushy Syah said...

Samrina,update more..hehhehe,most of your posting is my cup of tea!


samrina said...

Hi Noushy,

Oh! i m sorry dear for being late in posting.. :) Hope you had tea without my post haan :)

Take care n loads of love.

gulnaz said...

i think we need our hearts to sustain us in our decisions even in the ones where we are using our heads. i read a story of a south african black boxer in the times of apartheid, i dont remember the name of the novel now but i remember a line from it....the coach taught the boxer, first from the head, then from the heart. i love this line and i believe it. and i;m not talking about romantic relationships here, they are only from heart.

samrina said...

Hi Gulnaz,

Yeah true, brain is not an appropriate decision maker relationships...

thanks for sharing your views dear.

take care

drips of paint said...

oh Samrina ...

for you .. I'll separate my brain from my heart ...

next time if you have conflict of decision from your brain and heart, I'll lend my heart to you .... so the brain may follow our 2 hearts!

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot dear friend for your offer, i m definitely gonna ask you for help whenever i'll b in need, but what you gonna do without heart if you gonna lend me yours??? :)

Hope you're well.

Take care

Jac said...

In this world we lack decisions made by hearts.

samrina said...

Hi Jac,


Thanks for dropping by dear friend :)

Take care.