Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Special people in our lives
Special people in our lives
Don’t often come along ,
But when they do they touch us
just like a lovely song
A song filled with meaning
And moves our very soul
A song of inspiration
That helps us reach our goal
A song that makes our spirits sing
Our heavy hearts so light
A song that gives us courage
So we won't give up the fight
A song that makes us smile : )
When we are feeling blue
A song filled with laughter I
t makes us feel brand new
ou're like a lovely song
So soothing to the heart
A song composed by God himself
A priceless work of Art
(Author Unknown)


EXSENO said...

That's so lovely.

Anonymous said...

nice poem

Tim Rice said...

How true!

No One said...

soo sweet! are you doing? ramadan mubarak...take care alrighty...byes.

Sugarlips said...

Special ppl in our lives wash away the calamities from our lives :)

Happy Ramadan sis...How is it going?

Stay Beautiful..!!

Champ - Love Hound said...

I agree, though we talk about special pople when we meet special people :)

Well you can't see pics in the post coz you 're usin' PkBlogs, I 'll send you email to tell you how to see pics.


Kuan Gung said...

Very, very nice...thank you

samrina said...

Exseno... glad u liked it :)

Nabeel... agreed it is, thnx for stopping by :)

Tim Rice... yeah it is Tim :)

No One... thnx sis, yeah i m fine Alhamdulillah n hope u too & u too Ramazan Mubarak :)

Sugarlips.... well said sis, thnx n u too Ramazan Mubarak, well yeah schedule is bit tough n busy these days but still i just love this Holy month, how u r doing?? :)

Champ... true u said, ok thnx i'll b waiting for the mail :)

Kuan Gung... u r welcome friend, thnx for ur visit :)

Takecare all.