Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Special feelings;
Unsaid words....

Best Regards,


Brian Miller said...

unsaid words
are my greatest fear

Sam!! said...


Should be...lead to regret for life time fact mostly..

TALON said...

Sometimes a person's glance says it all. :)

Sam!! said...

True Talon...but still words make it more special though I agree words are not the only way to express special feelings..but sometimes we are unable to make others understand with our actions or may be they are unable to read our eyes..n thats scary..

God bless you Talon :)

Magyar said...

words reflect
from this listener's eyes
the touch

__Those that listen, often respond with an eye-smile, a nod, or a touch... and that return, can be more deep than that instant's words.

Lovit, Sam! _m

ayala said...

Unsaid words lead to regret....

Margie said...

I try my best never to have
unsaid words.

Nice post, Sam.
I wish you joy