Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Learnings of life...

With all the due respect...I am sharing this here that one of my blog friend Umair have shared in response to one of my previous post..first I typed my reply to this comment in the comment box then I thought its worth sharing with the other readers as well..as this incident of this friend of mine will definitely make us learn something in life that might can change our thinking n perspective too..so here it is..

It was the second day of Eid. Everyone was making merry at their places on that festive occasion as it was a public holiday too. I was refueling my car on a gas station. I saw this old man passing by on road on his bicycle. Suddenly the bicycle flipped over and the old man came down. I didn't see any apparent reason of why that bicycle flipped over except that there was something wrong with the old man. Sadly no body stopped for the old man. I quickly rushed towards him, gave him a hand, helped him stand and rescued him to a chair in the gas station. Old man was constantly fumbling his pockets for something and he was just too feeble to utter even a single word. I tried to rub his chest and I felt there was something in his front pocket. I took it out and it turned out to be an inhaler. He quickly took some puffs and felt a little better. He asked for some sugar as he was also diabetic and probably the reason for him flipping over was that his sugar level went dangerously low. I asked him where hes coming from and whats his destination. He told me that he's a carpenter and he worked on a daily wage and that he didn't have any kids. He was going to the factory to see if its open and if he could get to work to earn his daily wage of 300 rupees. He further told me that he had to pay the electricity bill, rent and other utility bills. He wouldn't be able to feed his wife and himself if he didn't have work that day. Imagine a man aging 80,diabetic and asthmatic, traveling 14 miles on a bicycle on one of the biggest festive occasion of the year, looking for his daily wage. I was in two minds whether to help him financially or some other means. I took a currency note of 1000 Rs from my pocket and offered him. The old man with a big self esteem refused to take that amount saying that he was not a beggar and that he works with his bare hands to earn and off he went to his bicycle and disappeared.

That incident left a very huge mark on my life. I started to compare my myseries with the old and I found out that the comparison is not even possible except that my little daughter passed away at the age of 2 months. I couldn't sleep well a number of nights after that incident. I started to feel guilty whether I'm just another selfish human? What's the purpose of my life? Is my life, my dreams, my wishes more important than others? Do I have the right to be happy when others are not? How important is my own life? I pondered and pondered and pondered. Extremely depressed and low and then I came to a resolution and told myself that everybody lives for himself/herself in this world, you;re no different. There has to be a purpose of my life, running after material well being is surely not the purpose of this life and people around me are more important than my ownself.

I know people would disagree to that but thats how I have started to percieve things after that incident.

Umair...firstly thanks for sharing such a touching real life incident of your life here...definitely whoever will read it out here will learn something though that learning might be different then yours as different people perceive same thing in a different way as per their priorities..level of sensitivity..experiences in life so far n different other factors..

It might be just words for you that you might have heard from many but from my depth of heart I am so sorry to hear about your young daughter..you know this is where we see God n believe that yes there is someone who is driving us..taking decisions for our life..n time to time with different incidents in life telling us that He exist and He holds all the power..

We all have some gains n losses in life...n that's all life is all about..nothing but just an EXAM...what i have learned so far in my life is..limit your expectations from this world..as life after death is the real life..whatever we gain or loose in this life its just to test us by God..n in our life after death we ll be no doubt rewarded for our good deeds n will meet again all the loved ones that unfortunately we all have to loose at some point in this life..sooner or later..

I would just say it is right n good that you value others and think about them that deeply and find your happiness in their happiness but with that its not advisable that you start ignoring yourself..your own happiness n sorrows..Allah(God) have gifted you this life..so you also have a right to be happy and fulfill your desires and needs at least to an extend you can do..otherwise you will loose yourself one day or will be tired..which obviously is not healthy..just believe in God..if He takes something from you then He gifts you many things as well..I know there are so many happiness waiting for you in your life a head..Cheers!!



Brian Miller said...

wow both a touching story and your response...i feel you on limiting expectations...expectations def almost always lead to disappointment...thanks for posting this...

Margie said...

as brian said, very touching!
happy you shared this!

ashok said...

thanks for sharing...

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks a lot for coming by and your words here..so meaningful to me..:))

Take care

Sam!! said...

Hi Margie,

Glad to see you around dear..n liking my post..:))

Blessings Upon U!

Sam!! said...

Hi Ashok,

Thanks Ashok for visiting ma page n sparing time to read me..:)