Monday, December 26, 2011

We fall, we rise,
we cry, we smile,
we are human..

Best Regards,


Brian Miller said...

smiles...human...yes we are.. i hope you had a great christmas as well...smiles.

Margie said...

The part I like best of being human is the smiling!
Good one, Sam.

Smiles to you!

Happy New year!
Hope it's a wonderful one!

Margie x

TALON said...

Hope your holidays are beautiful and that 2012 is a blessed one for you, Sam.

I love your words - being human can be painful, but it can also be so amazing :)

Frieda said...

You captured the aspects of being human very well...
all the best for the New Year to you.

Sam!! said...

Thanks Brian, Margie, Talon n Frieda for visiting my page n all your words n wishes here..:))

Smiles to you all!