Friday, April 08, 2011

In the mirror of your eyes;
I found the actual meaning of my existence..

Best Regards,


Brian Miller said...

ooo...intimate...i like

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks dear..:))

Take care

magiceye said...


Devika said...
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Devika said...

welcome back, that is where you were? :)

just kidding, but better said this way....was wondering where you were gone :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Magiceye,

Thanks dear for coming by..:))

Take care

Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Thanks dear I saw your message at my previous post as touched with your concern..just got busy with stuff so couldn't spare much time to log in..

Once again thanks for being there even in my absence and all your concern..hope I be regular here now..:))

Lots of Love dear friend,

TALON said...

Oh! That's such a beautiful reflection to encounter!

Anonymous said...

you suck

Margie said...

I am in agreement with Talon.
And, I so enjoyed this post!
Thank you!

Margie :)

Frieda said...

That's wonderful.
It's nice that you are back, I'm looking forward to your posts...