Monday, June 07, 2010

Hiding my tears;
in the drops of rain..

Best regards,


Devika said...

hey no, no crying, Samrina....Be strong my lady....we are all with you, dear :)

I am just off from commenting the way i used....always here, when you post new :)


Frieda said...

Hey Sam,
you turned your sadness into a simple and beautiful poem.
I like the image of crying in the rain...
best wishes,

Brian Miller said...

some days...
but i hope you will be dancing in it soon...

Devika said...

Yes Brian said it, Samrina...thats the spirit and don't vouch your life to tear, my dear friend...there's no end, though it could make good poems, as Frieda notes, :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Hey glad to have ya back..see i was so sad without you n started crying..but i ll be fine now since you are back.. (kidding..)c :))

By the way lemme know you.. you were missed dear friend:)

Its just a feeling know na both happiness and sorrows are part of life...its just a way to hide my tears taking advantage of rain.. :))

Hope to have you back..once again glad to have you back.. :))))


Sam!! said...

Hi Frieda,

Thanks Frieda for your understanding... rain sometimes make me so excited but at times too depressed as well..that's how it is.. n thats life.. :))

Best Wishes,

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Yeah just a matter of time or mood may be..thanks for your best wishes.. :))

Best Regards,

TALON said...

Such a lovely (and sad) image from your words. I hope tears of joy await you in the sunshine, Sam.

Devika said...

Haha!! if I were the reason...i will defnitely be here with you, dear :))

love, always

Exhibition Organizers said...

Reminds me of the song by A-Ha, I do my crying in the rain, I think you must've heard that song..

Just that time of the year when it rains and feels ever so sad..

Keep up the good work..

Your still the Best.. (writer)


Magyar said...

Lovely Sam!

__The word varification... so often close, this one is: RANIS. _m

hidden tears
lost in these rains
a smile

Lorraine said...

Beautiful melody, I can hear one of my favourites...'I'll do my crying in the rain'...

babby said...

nicely written

Sam!! said...

Hi Babby,

Welcome on ma page.. thanks for your liking..hope to see you back..:))

Best Regards,