Sunday, January 24, 2010

A True Relationship...

Most of us feel more comfortable and less vulnerable when we are with a group of people. No one look at us closely and known us intimately. One can easily hide his/her real feelings, weaknesses, or any attribute of his/her personality or nature by being in a group. Whether its a good compliment or bad its been said for a group and been shared by all of the group members equally.

It's true that all of us want to have easy ways in life but again 'easy' is not always best.. Being a human being we all are linked up and no one of us can survive in isolation.. sharing is considered to be healthy.. normally people do achieve their goals and targets as a group rather then they effort individually.. but still there are few things, feelings & relationships in life that we don't want to share.. their pleasure is more by having it alone.. a sense, a feeling of OWNING a relationship is the most beautiful feeling in the world... and that you can't get by being in a group but by having a one to one relationship with someone... where you stand as you purely.. where you don't need to hide yourself, where you open yourself up and share your honest feelings, where you don't have any fears but a trust that this person opposite to you understand you and accepting you with your good and bad.. and there you stand to gain a reward.. a reward of a rich, long lasting and a very strong bond that could never be formed in a group..

Yes, one to one relationships are more work and reliable, and when you treasure these relationships and work to maintain them, the emotional rewards are priceless.. and for your life time you get a relationship that will stand with you in your good and bad with all support and love..

Our entire life we keep on running after money, seeking for a luxurious life, fame, beautiful n attractive partner but all these things can't buy you true happiness, can't bring you a feeling that yes! you are worth living.. can't make you feel what you can feel n enjoy having a true relationship in your life... a relationship of your life.. a relationship you can die with... a relationship that give you n your life a meaning.. a relationship that make you feel beautiful n on the top of the world... and in your last days of life you'll have a hand to hold, so many memories to cherish and above all a feeling that your life been worth living by having a true partner for your life with whom you shared all up n down of life easily...

Wish we all get a true relationship for our life..

Best Regards,


Brian Miller said...

real relationships enhance the life we have been given...fake ones drain it.

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Agreed.. fake n artificial relationships never stays with us..

Thanks for coming by n sharing your views Brian:))

God bless you!


Lorraine said...

always starts with being true to yourself, you get that understanding, you can begin to hope to understand others...
Nice piece Sam :)

Sam!! said...

Hi Lorraine,

Yes very true... it always begin from YOU..

Glad to have you around.. :))

Best Wishes,

iamnasra said...

Im tocuhed with your words ...take me there to you words...Happy new year to you too

Titanium said...

Sometimes it takes getting fully away from the crowds and embracing solitude; making friends with yourself, as it were.

When we are whole and healthy, we have something to then offer another. Something precious.

Margie said...

Very nice and most insightful writing, Samrina.
I am so very thankful for the true relationships I have in my life.
They are blessings!

Wishing you joy, always!


Kevin said...

Wish I had any words to say...

Real relationships are hard to come by, but it's one of the most beautiful creation of God!

Lovely words Sam!

Exhibition Organizers said...

Beautiful words.. well to tell the truth, this is the most wonderful feeling to live and devote your life for someone for the rest of your life. Its Magical.. There are fewer examples of such monogamous relationship in nature too. The Black headed cranes of Eurasia region is a perfect example. This bird is so sacred in china and other parts of the World that it is nick named Sacred Crane. They only pair once and remain with their partners for the rest of their lives and if one partner dies, the other partner does not ever mate again and dies quickly.
We humans are different though, the death doesn't always take our misery away if our partner fades away.
We all tend to find someone such for whom we can give our life to, and having such relation means a world to us.
But... if we do find someone such and later our partner starts to drift away from us then the our world comes crashing down on our feet. If we find out that our partner may not be there for us tomorrow and there is nothing we can do to stop him or her from fading feels as your condemn to slow and painful execution..
Like slow rising floods which takes more lives then any other disaster.

No matter whom we love and how much we love, one day we will be separated sometime no matter what we do.. and this is the most bitter truth of the world.

Beautiful words. Keep up the good words..


EXSENO said...

Good post Sam, and there is a lot of truth to those feelings.

Sam!! said...

Hi n a big thanks to all my readers for coming by n sharing their precious views regarding my post.. :))

God bless you all!


Hi Anjum,

Well first I wanna say thanks for such a detailed comment and sharing your precious knowledge here.. yes i got your point n that i know based on your experience.. i agree with u though my heart still says no.. sometimes its hard to even except the reality.. but i know its easy to say then doing/experiencing it.. i know may b to an extend my approach or thinking is kinda impractical.. but still.. may b one day i ll b able to accept the fact.. or may be end up hurting myself.. dunno.. but that's life.. so ready to face anything.. just need your prayers n hv same for u n everyone i know..

Thanks for coming by:)

God bless you!

Devika said...

I have had the best of friends while i am in a group...true, I am dreadful of building too close relationships -- not the fear of losing...somehow, i have that inbuilt distance -- good or bad,

I do not know how others think or i end up talking about myself,


Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Well I understand Devika what u mean... its in nature.. Yes i dreadful too of making so close relationships because of loosing them and I know only our close ones can give us pain.. but with this I do dream to have such at least one relationship in my life.. n that's about me.. :))

Between you were missed Devika in your absence.. Welcome back :))

Best Regards,

Devika said...

I understand that perfectly well, Samrina...You sure have it in you and will surely have fulfilling relationships, Samrina :)

and thanks for that welcome, my dear :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Thanks dear for your understanding.. and you are always welcome.. :))