Saturday, December 12, 2009

Simple questions,
Difficult answers...
Best Regards,


Devika said...

That sounds a real problem, Samrina :)

"A problem is not a problem if the answer is easy" have put it in more simple terms :)


Lorraine said...

especially when you can't even come up with the questions...well put Sam :)

word verification says: enearsam
En ear Sam lol

Exhibition Organizers said...

Are You sure You that you fully understand the question right..

Brian Miller said...

i think sometimes we make the simple things the hardest to answer...but honestly there are many simple questions i struggle with often.

thanks for the warm wishes for my mom today...she came through surgery nicely and is resting..

Chow-Kletiya shaquille said...

Answering Yes will hurt..
Answering No will hurt more..
Not Answering will Hurt The Most..

Kevin said...

It should go like this:
"Why are questions so simple,
to answers so difficult?"

Nice words!

RBroeker said...

That makes me think (and ask) a lot.

EXSENO said...

Honesty is always the right answer, even when it hurts to say it.

Exhibition Organizers said...

Hi Sam,
Hope you the Questions by now,
The Answers are very easy too..
Just do Istikhara..

Devika said...

Wish You and all your dear and near ones a Very Happy New Year, Samrina :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot for droping by and sharing your precious views regarding my post.. i truly appreciate your visit as always..

Hey Devika... so sweet of you Devika for coming by again n wishing me n my close ones Happy New Year... may God bless you n your loved ones and wishing you too a very Happy n great year ahead.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

God bless you all!

Best Wishes,

EXSENO said...

I have different bloggers that come to visit me and they have never read your post on 'God Does Exist, so I would like to post it on my blog and I will be happy to give you full credit. In fact I will post it as you wrote it with you name at the bottom and I will plug your blog.

You may even get some new friends coming to visit.