Monday, May 04, 2009

Humble Pie...
Fill me full of humility,
Help to keep me in my place.
So that all those who meet me,
See an ordinary face.
Help me search for the wisdom,
Important for survival...
Then show me how to share that,
Like some unique revival.
Help me find the understanding,
For people who are different...
Remind me that their thoughts and words,
Are worthy and coherent.
Teach me kindness for all others,
Accept they have a place..
Regardless of their origin,
Fret not about their race.
Keep me firmly connected,
With my neighbour, each new friend..
Feed me lots of humble pie,
Satisfy me till the end.
Give me the foresight that I need,
So that I recognize..
Good people aren't restricted to,
A color, shape or size.
Author: Loree (Manson) O'Neil


Devika said...

Reminds me of a prayer we used to chant in the evenings in our childhood

You say this to the young generation of today..they will laugh at you, Samrina! :)

anyway, hope human values are understood and appreciated at one point or other!


Janice Thomson said...

Hi Sam!
Enjoyed the good words in this piece.
Good to be here again :)

EXSENO said...

Nice words to live by. I like it very much.

magiceye said...

a wonderful prayer for all world leaders

iamnasra said...

Amazing ..and weget that strength

Sam!! said...

Hi and a big thanks to all of you for stopping by and sharing your words here regarding my post.. I am glad that guys liked it too.. :))

Best Regards,


Sam!! said...

Hey Janice,

Glad to see you back dear:)) Hope you'll continue your visits..

Take care