Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I always admire eastern family system where people are bound together whether it’s any celebration or any trouble on any of the family member whole family stand as one to face the problem together but unfortunately with time we are loosing our traditions and cultural values on which we should be proud at. Its true changes are required with time but still one should have ability and sense to differentiate between good and bad changes before adopting anything in life.

Life is too fast these days hardly people can spare time for each other. Career and individual success is more important then anything else in life. Feelings, family, relationships, everything comes after money and career. By this I did not mean that everyone is same but to compete and survive in such scenario whether anyone want or not but they have to be like this not completely may be but to an extent at least.

If we look into deeply the consequences of this then we’ll get to know that the rising rate of depression, loneliness, tensions, and many other psychological n mental problems is somewhere this way of life style too. We have lost true happiness from our life infect today hardly people know the true meaning of happiness n success. Everyone is running after meaningless & for a time being success that bring them smiles just for few moments but if these so called successful people look into deep in their hearts n life they’ll get to know that how empty they are from inside, how alone they are that they don’t have any true, pure relationship in their life to celebrate or cry with them… I wish we understand this before its too late and true relationships n happiness totally vanish from this world...

Loads of prayers n love for everyone..

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Janice Thomson said...

The present day needs the dynamic power of the Occident and the introspection of the Orient. The West could definitely learn and use the values of the family system both locally and internationally. However it is also true that the Western world has to work out its own salvation.

Kevin Blight said...

Family is something SO important for all of us and it always touches our hearts when family members and relatives get together for an occasion. It's the same in both Eastern and Western culture. Unfortunately, today's fast pace life hardly gives us the chance and the will to do so.
Am so sorry for not visiting your blog for a long time. Sorry, sorry, sorry :) Thanx a lot Samrina for your wishes.

Stacey said...

Our Families are the most important people in world, and no matter what the problems, families should always conquer them together, unfortunately not all do and that is such a shame! a lovely thought provoking post. :)

Noushy Syah said...

Whether east or west,I think family is as important as anywhere else in the world...family value is so significant, getting together during specific occasion with families and relatives are actually persisted still depending on how strong is the relationship.

Those who brought up surrounded by love would try their best to maintain the ties and traditionally will keep the family together at least on special gathering or occasion in order to catch up with..and visiting one another is one way to keep the ties..

monsoon-dreams said...

thats a wonderful post at the right time.i grew up in a joint family,more than twenty people in a home,lots of kids and one kitchen.it was so wonderful.nobody ever felt lonely or depressed.though we have become better in terms of living standards,i feel sad that i have lost the happiness,unity and the feeling of belonging.a touching post,samrina.congrats!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

i suppose there is a bad side to either type of family system. Sometimes joint family works, at others it doesnt. I suppose it depends on how we are raised and how willing are we able to adapt to things.

samrina said...

Hi Janice,

Well dear non whether its orient or occident is wrong or perfect 100%, there are few draw backs in eastern traditions or culture and same goes with the western..

So I agreed with your point completely that today we need a blend and positive aspects of both the traditions or cultures.

Thanks for adding your words to the post :)

God bless you!


Hi Kevin,

Yeah relationships are important for everyone whether he/she belongs to west or east but unfortunately with time things are getting change and mostly are running after money n fame in current scenario and their individual success is more important today then his/her responsibilities towards family..

Its a pleasure to see you back dear so no need to say sorry.. :)

Take care


Hi Stacey,

Glad dear that you grasped the true meaning of the post..

Thanks a lot for your appreciation dear :)

God bless you!

samrina said...

Hi Noushy,

Well true meaning n fun of occasions n events in life is to be get together n celebrate with your love ones..

Agreed with your views sis :)

Take care


Hi Monsoon,

Its true that people brought up surrounded by love ones have different personalities and are much better human beings in most of the cases.. sense of belong is the most important n precious thing in the world..

Glad you understood n liked my post:)

God bless you!


Hi Raaji,

Well non of the system is perfect, agreed there draw backs in every system.. yeah it depends on one that what he/she value and feel comfortable with...

Glad to see you around :)

Take care

Friendly nextdoor guy said...

quite thought ful

quiet thoughtful too

samrina said...

Hi Karan,

Thanks dear for coming by n your words here :)

God bless you!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I agreee with you! It's getting that way here, too. It's so sad.

samrina said...

Hi Andrew,

Yeah it is saddening.. hope we can understand before its too late..

Thanks for coming by:)

Take care

ANNA-LYS said...


I am running, yes I am, but I am running for health. But, lately I have been thinking a lot upon a thing I did not have any idea about earlier, and this has made me hesitate to be blogging.

I have no husband, and my son's are not very young anymore. Instead of sitting passively in front of the TV I have been blogging.

I have now discovered that many of my fellow blogger have families, still they spend a huge amount of that precious lifetime in the digital world. This scares me!!!

Jac said...

Am with you samira

samrina said...

Hi n Thnaks Annanya n Jac for coming by n sharing your views here.. :)

Take care