Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy Woman's Day!!

You can feel her innocence in form a Daughter,
You can feel her care in form of a Sister,
You can feel her warmth in form of a Friend,
You can feel her passion in form of a Beloved,
You can feel her dedication in a form of a Wife,
You can feel her Divinity in form of a Mother,
You can feel her Blessing in form of a Grandmother.

Yet she is Tough too…
Her heart is so Tender…
So Naughty…
So Charming…
So Sharing…
So Melodious…
She is WOMAN
And she is LIFE!!!

To all wonderful women globally, I hope you all have a great Woman’s Day and hope you won’t forget how special you are!!

Best Regards,


Wanda said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ~~ I will be back to read your previous posts ~~

This is a lovely tribute to all us women ~~ Thank you!

God Bless

Janice Thomson said...

Wonderfully expressed Samrina. Happy Women's Day to a lovely lady in Pakistan!

Paul said...

Happy Woman's Day from a man who cares!!!

Annie said...

And I hope you enjoyed the day, Samrina. Perhaps you listened to some music you enjoy, cared for someone you love, did something just a little bit naughty, lived your life to its fullest. I did.

trinitystar said...

Well summed up.

Nice to see you back. I know I have not been here regular. Will soon. Have a wonderful day.

samrina said...

Hi Wanda,

Well dear it was a pleasure to visit your page, i'll b back there to read you more :)

You're always Welcome!

God bless you too.


Hi Janice,

You too a very happy woman's day dear friend :)

God bless you!


Hi Paul,

Thanks Paul, your effort n care is appreciated :)

God bless you!


Hi Annie,

I know what you're talking about , yeah i had a great time and i do hope that you had too:)

Thanks for coming by:)

Take care

samrina said...
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samrina said...

Hi Trinitystar,

Glad to see you around :)

Thanks for sharing your words here.

Take care

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I have to say, I've never heard of this holiday. With 2 daughters and my wife, though, every day is woman's day in my house! :)

venus66 said...

Beautiful tribute to all women. Thank you. Take care.

Jac said...

Amen! Samrina !

Happy womens day.

Shades said...

Belated women's day wishes, dear..!
i had been busy with exams...
hope u r doing well..!!

magiceye said...

wonderful tribute!

flyingstars said...

lovely words....women are indeed very special...a beautiful tribute!

Cergie said...

Nice words, Samrina

During woman's day, I received this poem from two of my friends

Des fleurs pour toi: gros bisous et plein de bonheur et de jolies fleurs.

Connais-tu l'expression "s'arrêter pour respirer le parfum des fleurs"?
Le bonheur te garde gentille. Les épreuves te gardent forte.
Les chagrins te gardent humaine. Les échecs te gardent humble.
Tu es si spéciale...

Telling about flowers, the poem being such as a bunch and the person who'ld recieve the poem having a lot of qualites and being somebody special :

You know what ? I wrote it as comment only to tyhree French persons, one woman and two... men having female qualities...

Lovely Samrina, if you don't mind, even if Woman's day is away, I would like you accept this flower bunch too

Cergie said...

The girl on the picture was me, in the past. Now I'm almost a grand'mother.
Not yet. Almost...

Noushy Syah said...

That is so sweet and meaningful to all of us women...Thank you my dear.
Even Women's International day was celebrated on the 8th March but still I rather say that women's day is everyday!!

Muahhss and big hugs*
Thank you dear sista.Take care and all the best.

samrina said...

Hi n thanks to everyone for coming by and your precious words here :)

Cergie... i m grateful dear for your thoughtfulness n bunch of flowers, i m honored :)

God bless all!