Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Visit to Multan (Part 2)

Well in first part of the post I have already provide you with a brief introduction about the city I visited i.e. Multan and now in this last part I would like to share my colorful thoughts and eperiences regarding the main reason for which I basically visited there i.e. to attend a wedding of few of our family friends settled there.You must be thinking now that being living in Pakistan there shouldn’t be anything new & surprising for me at least to be that excited & to write about but honestly speaking that was all new for me too. Things and traditions that I just use to listen from my elders so far I have seen & experienced at my own for the very first time in my life. Bhangra (traditional dance), a group of musical band in uniform along with barat, groom riding on a horse, and lots more small traditional things….

Luckily I gotta chance to visit a village in my trip and truly loved the beauty of nature there, I can’t forget the innocence & simplicity, hospitality & love of people there is memorable. Without any relationship and without any mean reason everyone want us to visit their place may be just for a minute. Small gifts that they gifted were so precious like anything. Peace & purity there was unforgettable…

Well it was just an attempt to portrait and write in words whatever i have seen and experienced there. This is first time actually that I tried to write anything like that and I don't know to what extend I am successful i it but anyhow I hope you guys have enjoyed pictures at least that I have posted here :)

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Janice Thomson said...

Wonderful pictures again Samrina.
Are the bagpipes used quite often at weddings?
What is the meaning of the third picture? What is happening there?
It was lovely having a look into the traditions of Pakistan. Thank you for sharing this.

samrina said...
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samrina said...

Hi Janice,

Thanks dear, yeah still in interior and old cities of Punjab bagpipes are used in weddings though I also saw it first time :)

Well dear in 3rd pic actually a men is cutting grass to feed his cows... i found there several manual machines like to separate rice from stem, to grind wheat, grass cutters n all.. so i shared this one here...

I am glad that you liked pics :)

You are always welcome, thanks for coming by :)

Take care

floots said...

great stuff
i too was fascinated to see the bagpipes
i wonder how closely they resemble the scottish ones
i've played music at many weddings but never one like this
thank you

Noushy Syah said...

Hi Samrina..

I've seen and attended few Indian/Pakistani wedding here where they also had 'Banghra' and it was fun!

Interesting culture! Thanks for sharing. Take care sis.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

finally!! great photos!
(for my kids at school I play a different instrument each week. this week I'm paying a bagpipe that was made in India. :) )

venus66 said...

Wow! Interesting photos. I like that dance.

samrina said...

Hi Floots,

I am glad that you liked it, yeah these bagpipes are fascinating infect i saw them first time in real.. :)

Thanks for your visit and words here.

God bless you!

Hi Noushy,

Nice if you've already attended eastern weddings then you must b having idea about our culture n traditions here :) ... yeah this bhangra is really fun :)

You are always welcome sis :)

Stay happy n healthy.

Hi Andrew,

Yeah finally...anyhow glad you liked them :)

Oh! i wish i can see you playing a bagpipe, hope you are a great player :)

Have a great time.

Hi Venus,

Yeah Bhangra is a unique, interesting way of dancing :)

Thanks dear for stopping by.

Take care

Cergie said...

That so nice, dear Samrina, I'm hapy you enjoyed your trip and shared it and a few of your life with us
Even in my own country I have so much to discover. Who can say he know all ? And the heart of humans is the most difficult to understand
Thank you, for that post and these interresting pictures...

drips of paint said...

hello Samrina

I hope you got to dance a few too .. did you? ... how can you not with those handsome white (in attire) man.

can hear the joy you had by the way you describe your experience ... the purity and sincerety of village people is wealth to treasure, wonderful.

I wonder whether it is you cutting grass on third picture.
Like your picture of rice feild .. i guess they are rice field

samrina said...

Hi Cergie,

Glad to see you dear after such a long time :) Yeah there is also something to discover, no one can say he/she knows all. It would be lovely to know about your country to dear sis :)

Thanks for your sweet words here and glad you liked it :)

Stay happy n cool!!

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Oh! no i dnt know how to dance especially this Bhangra... :)

Very true you said simplicity & purity of people there was unforgettable... that was truly a treasure...

Well dear i m not a men plus not that old lol :) u know i was there both of the pics i mean grass cutter n rice field pics but i just cut off myself from them.. actually dnt wanna spoil the beauty of pics na lol :)

Yeah these are rice fields in the pic...

Thanks for coming by dear friend, its always good to hear from you :)

God Bless you!

Take care

AlterinG Abhishek said...

theer is just no difference in this side and that side..

I have loved the country side of Punjab!