Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Joyful Things

At times I'm so discouraged

with the problems of the day,

I fail to see the joyful things

that are along the way.

When troubles overwhelm me

it's then my nerves may fray.

That's when I need to take the time

To simply sit and pray.

Reflecting on God's many gifts,

it makes me so aware

of all the joy in little things

around me everywhere!

I must try to remember

though problems come my way,

not to miss the joyful things

and the beauty of the day.


No One said...

Awww so cute and touching...gotta remember this poem when I am down with luck...:) see ya SiStAaa

Reza said...

Very true :).

David said...

Yes, troubles and discouragements do come our way, but God is in charge of them all, and He only allows what will make us stronger and wiser. I definitely need more character and wisdom.

Thanks for the poem! By the way, the flowers and buds are blooming all over the place here. Its really pretty. How about where you are?

Nasir said...


Liked all these words of wisdom in yor Blog.

samrina said...

No one... I'll b glad if it can work for u sis, hope u doing fine there:)

Reza... thnx alot friend.

David... yeah its God who bring us these troubles n discouragements but its all just to teach us n test us, God is always with us to help us out, the only thing is the faith n trust in God n in ourselves too.
By the way thnx alot friend for ur words for me at ur blog thats really meaningful:)

Nasir... thnx for the appreciation.

Champ - Love Hound said...

Wow, just change your blog's name as "Anti Hopeless".

God bless you dear friend.

samrina said...

Thnx Khurram for the comments, i'll definately think about it :) :)


Asma said...

nice and touching words