Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thoughts for Life

The greatest handicap: Fear
The best day: Today
The easiest thing to do: Find a fault
The most useless asset: Pride
The greatest mistake: Giving up
The biggest stumbling block: Egotism
The most disagreeable person: The complainer
The worst bankruptcy: Loss of enthusiasm
The greatest need: Common sense
The meanest feeling: Regret at another's success
The best gift: Forgiveness
The greatest moment: Death
The greatest knowledge: God
The greatest thing in the world: Love

1 comment:

Bloody_Hell said...

U say nice things on my cheers me up:)))
Ajj meri tabiyet is quite worse..Duwa kar i get better i hate being sick yaar..i cant do much then..
Wat plans u got for the weekend?
Love ya